Whee starts on July 7th!

No, we’re not falling behind again - we’re ahead of the game at this point.  But I felt like giving a week’s peace to commemorate the end of Foo and the start of Whee.

Each phase of the overall Episode Fun project took on it’s own theme.  The first of the trilogy, Fun proper, really looked at the goings on as the actors arrived, their reactions to what they were working on, and some fun parodying of the behind-the-scenes (almost entirely ficitional) goings on that went into the making of Phantom Menace.  Next came Fun, part two, in which we delved deeper into the characters of those involved in making he sequel than just in making fun of the sequel itself (though there’s plenty of that too) - for example, Nat on the Run or Mark Hammill stopping by.

Whee is going to take things out with a bang - this time, the third time’s the charm right, we’re going to look mostly at the plot points and storyline of Revenge of the Sith.  We’re going to mostly mock the general premise of the film that so many people were beaten down to say “it’s better than the previous two” and meant it as if that made it good.

and we’re doing it in song!

Each strip will be a mini-musical.  A song from an existing musical will be used to poke fun at some specific ridiculous item of storytelling.  The musical and song will be highlighted at the top of each strip, and then (usually) poetic license will be taken to mold the song to make the (hopefully humerous) critical point.

Thanks for checking us out, and I hope you have a fun ride through the last 28 strips!


Work on the last installment, Episode Whee, has begun in earnest!

This project will see completion!!!

The last strips of Episode Foo will begin appearing (barring unforeseen events) on June 9th, and then every Tuesday-Thursday afterwards until Whee is ended and the Episode Fun saga is completed!

Thanks for sticking with us - and if you are new to the comic, start at the front end and enjoy!