He’s So Seventies.

He’s So Seventies.

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And not in an Ashton Kutcher way!

Confession time - I really like New Hope.  I do.  The story is archtypeal classic heroism.  Joseph Campbell Power of Myth classic.  Akira Kurosawa Hidden Fortress quality film-making classic.  Flash Gordon serial sci-fi adventure classic.  And Luke was the “from nothing a hero is born” classic.  He has a mentor, makes some friends and influences them to help him in his fight, and gets the girl.

Unfortunately Empire starts things down the wrong path.  Luke as Vader son (as awe-inspiring and twisty as that was) diminishes the magic of the previous story.  Don’t get me wrong - I still appreciate Empire Strikes Back for what it is - a major downer of a movie - and still part of the “hero’s journey” - but New Hope is, and has been for awhile now, my favorite Star Wars movie and about the only one I feel like watching from time to time.

Poor Mark Hamill - it is sad that Harrison Ford was the one to emerge with the fame.  Probably had something to do with a hat and a whip, though.

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